Black cat – What to Expect From the Animal

Imagine a quiet relaxing day. The sun is brightly shining, the temperature is so pleasant, you are slowly going down the street on your own business.

cat black


Suddenly the eye picks up some movement. It is a cat! BLACK cat! The popular and favorite animal is going somewhere crossing YOUR way! In this situation almost all of us step aside and try to change the route.

Frankly speaking, usually it goes without any saying that any person, even absolutely non-superstitious, pays attention to this event.

What do we know about totally black cat?

Residents of the United States and the most part of Europe and Russia tend to expect troubles from a black pet that is unhurriedly crossing the road.

But the British and the Japanese are sure that it is a good sign of destiny.

The Germans’ believes are more difficult. If a black animal crosses the road from right to left, expect misery and troubles. But if it goes from left to right, a great success is guaranteed.

In many countries the inhabitants are sure that if an absolutely black animal walks towards the house, it brings happiness and good fortune. If it runs away from home, do not expect any good luck.


In Italy, they have a really interesting believe, according to which if a coal black cat lies in bed of sick person, he or she will die.

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