Black cat – What to Expect From the Animal

In China, they trust that a jet-black cat is of ill omen of hunger and poverty.

black cat

In Latvia, the peasants, finding a cat in the grain store, will be rather happy, because the black cat is the vivid spirit of the harvest goddess named Rungis.

In Scotland (UK), a black small kitten sitting on the house porch is for wealth and successful fortune.

In Japan, local people have a faith that if a cat of this color sneezes, it is immediately necessary to say it hello. Then your teeth will not hurt.

All over Russia, there is a superstitious that black kittens as well as adult cats protect the family as well as house from any thieves. And also they think if you long to be stronger, just pet black cat.

The sailor’s wives did not let black cats out of their house, while their husbands were at sea. This action ensured the return of the seaman from far swimming.

black cat

Worldwide there is a quite common belief, that if you find out a white hair in black cat´s fur, pull it immediately. If the animal does not scratch, you will have strong and happy marriage.

Most owners of these cats around the world really believe that they bring indeed good luck. Though as well as the owners of other fur animals…