Where Do the Happiest People Live?

British analysts from New Economic Foundation decided to find out what country is considered to be the happiest on the planet.


All representatives were evaluated by the following parameters: life expectancy, whether the citizens are really satisfied with their life and whether they have enough cultivated fields to provide themselves with food as well as the areas to recycle wastes.

The Happy Planet Index leader was the island country of Vanuatu, which consists of about 80 tiny islands with a population of 200 thousand inhabitants.

Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific, at a distance of about 1.8 thousand miles east from Australia. This country is really called an “untouched paradise.” Modern cities harmoniously coexist with small but rather cozy villages of native islanders. The distinctive culture has not been changed since the opening of the archipelago by Europeans in 1606.


Of course aboriginals have their private cars like you and me, but the local government decided to use coconut oil instead of petrol in order not to pollute the atmosphere.

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