How Do Hollywood Stars Celebrate Halloween

Of course, most Hollywood stars love wearing these funny and sometimes even rather scaring costumes.

zac efron

Parties for Halloween have already been organized in the most fashionable Hollywood places. Some of them are rather strange for us, the ordinary people.

First of all, it should be mentioned that watching the evolution of Halloween fancy dresses, observed for the past years, the American newspaper “The New York Times” writes that while the celebrity men mostly dress up in police officers, firefighters, or soldiers, usually looking like people in these professions, star women’s suits more and more remind the strip club dancers. – They are so tight, short and bright.

The places for celebration can be rather different. For example, we would like to note that this year on the eve of Halloween in San Francisco will take place the next, this time the 30th, traditional Exotic Ball.

celebrity costumes

The party has become one of the central events in the life of the American pop industry.