The Most Horrible Houses

Wat Rong Khun.Thailand

Wat Rong Khun.Thailand

The very first building, which is distinguished by its enigmatic and mysterious, is black and white temple inThailand. Ithas a very original architecture.

Among the decorative elements of the building there are a lot of avant-garde motifs, and motives of mystical themes.

Many modern travelers notice thatstretching hands resemble hell.

Count Dracula’s Castle.Transylvania. Romania. 

Count Dracula's Castle.Transylvania. Romania.

Obviously, now there are no vampires inside this building. However,Dracula’s Castle looks very mysterious.

The atmosphere that is reigning inside, fascinates with its mysticism and mystery.

When you’re there,it seems that just around the corner a terrible monster is waiting for you to pounce and to pull in the darkest dungeon.

Haunted Prison.Ottawa. Canada

Haunted Prison.Ottawa. Canada

There you can spend the night and sleep injail, feeling yourself as a real prisoner.

However,it will be far not the most pleasant adventure as there are many rumors that at night the ghosts start to wander around the building.The souls of killed bandits are always there.

By the way it was mention that the people prisoned there had committed only the most bloodthirsty crimes.