Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Move in Together After Three Weeks of Dating

As for Nikki’s previous relationships, she was married to Paul McDonald, an American singer and song writer, known thanks to his hits All I’ve Ever Needed, Please Believe Me etc. The couple worked on a few successful projects together. In spring 2014 they separated and not long after Nikki filed a divorce, explaining her reasons as “irreconcilable differences”. Before falling for Ian, Nikki dated Derek Hough, one more former flame of Nina Dobrev.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

Curious fans started suspecting something between Nikki and Ian when the two went for runs in the company of each other and frequently visited farmers markets. As a result of this visits they bought a new horse – now Eagle, their equine pet, is a sort of symbol of their relationship. Ian posted his picture in Instagram, expressing his gratitude to Nikki for sharing that special moment.

Knowing how unpredictable most actors are, it’s hard to foresee how long these two are going to stay together. However, they look rather happy and perhaps it moving in together is one of the luckiest choices they’ve made so far where their personal life is concerned. Only time will tell, and time is a thing the vampires are not scared of.

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