Joan Rivers’ Life and Career

We should mention a very strange fact that in just half a day to a sudden cardiac stop after a simple operation on the vocal cords the actress and a famous TV star was on the stage, giving a concert in New York. Why did it happen so suddenly?

Joan Rivers

The clinic, which treated Joan, is currently being thoroughly tested. Many people are sure that the reason for River’s death is improper operation or care from the side of medical staff.

To the point, during that show Joan joked on her own death, saying that she was already 81 years old and that is why she could die at any moment. “If it happens during the performance, each of you will be able to say that I saw how Rivers died!”, exclaimed the actress laughing.Joan Rivers is known for her incredibly funny appearances on talk shows “The Tonight Show”, “Today” and “The Extra” .

She became one of the first female comedians who had chosen the stand-up genre in the long history of American television.Later, Joan started own programs called “The Joan Rivers Show” and “Fashion Police”.

Joan Rivers

Rivers has been married twice, and her first marriage to actor James Sanger, lasted for only six months, and the second husband of Joan was producer Edgar Rosenberg, who committed a terrible suicide in 1987. In this world Joan left only one daughter and one grandchild – Melissa Rivers and her son Cooper.