Leonardo DiCaprio – a New UN Delegate of Peace

A world famous actor Leonardo DiCаprio has been just appointed as a UN Delegate of Peace. He will deal the climate problems, one of the most important sector.

Leonardo DiCaprio - a New UN Delegate

The representative of United Nation organization reported that Hollywood actor and philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio became their delegate, who will be trying to solve the matters concerning the climate of our planet.

Later this information appeared on the official website of the United Nations. According to it, 39-year-old actor has been elected for this important post. This decision has not been done accidentally. UN General Secretary Bаn Ki-moon believes that DiCaprio’s fame and popularity will help him to achieve great results in drawing attention to climate changing, because it “is a really prominent and very important matter in the movement, as we all are trying to protect the environment.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

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