Leonardo DiCaprio – a New UN Delegate of Peace

Leo himself thanked the members of the United Nations for the honor to represent their interests.

Leonardo DiCaprio

“I feel a moral obligation to act and to do everything possible for the climate protection in this important time.

Now I will be able to act in the boarders of the whole planet, and I am extremely glad of it. You see, everything depends on our decisions, whether they will be right or wrong.

It is really hard to believe that on our behavior depends the future of us as well as of our children or even grandchildren. We have to respond wisely to climatic crisis, otherwise the population can die like dinosaurs, which disappeared many centuries ago. I would like the humanity to survive on Earth, “- said the actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio - a New UN Delegate

UN General Secretary suggested DiCaprio to start to perform his obligations without any delay. As it has become known the actor has to proceed his duties just now.