The Most Luxurious Celebrity Houses

Many people are really interested in how celebrities live. We desire to know all the peculiarities of lives of famous singers, outstanding actors and successful sportsmen. There are many reasons for such interest. Perhaps we just want to feel as celebrities at least for a moment. This is an exclusively selected list of the most luxurious celebrity houses you can only dream about.


Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has got houses in England, Las-Vegas and New-York. The most amazing one was built with the usage of German and English styles of decorating. Frankly speaking one may consider this building to be a real castle. It really resembles an artificial castle. The cost of the house includes 60 acres of land and property of about 10 millions dollars. What a comfortable “home, sweet home”.

Julia Roberts is often called one of the most lovely female Americans. Her heart belongs to the ranch in Tanos, New Mexico, shared with her husband Danny Moder and three children of theirs. About 30 millions dollars were spent to make this place worth being called a “green house”.

Julia Roberts

The house is equipped with various solar panels and so on.

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