The Mystery of Number 13

Where did this kind of fear come from? Why are people afraid of 13?



According to the traditions, the idea goes back at least to ancient Norse mythology. There was a banquet with 12 famous gods. Loki, the angry spirit of evil, suddenly decided to join without being invited. As a result, it was the terrible fight that followed the sad sequel: Balder, the favorite of the gods, was killed.

In Christianity, this theme was repeated at so called the Last Supper. – Why? because Jesus Christ and his apostles numbered 13 people at the table.

But not everything is too bad. In some cultures the number of 13 means good things. For example, the Jewish boy passes ceremony called “Bar and Bat Mitzvah” at the age of thirteen.

In many different countries all over the planet, the number 13 is really thought to be a very unlucky one. People think that it brings diseases, unhappiness and weather disasters, for instance, tornados, floods and abnormal temperature falls and rises.

As a rule, in their ordinary life they are trying to avoid it.