The Most Powerful Military Equipment

The atomic bomb

On July 16, 1945 in the desert by Alamogordo the specialists tested the first nuclear explosive device: a single-stage bomb «Gadget» based on plutonium.

The atomic bomb

In August 1945, the US demonstrated the power of new weapons all over the world: American bombers dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hirоshima and Nagаsaki. USSR officially announced the analogue creation on March 8, 1950.

Chemical kinds of weapons

In World War II Japan many times used chemical military devices during the conflict with China. At the time of the Chinese bombing Japanese dropped for about 3000 chemical shells. This kind of weapon was constantly used by the Japanese until the war ending. All in all 50 thousand people were killed by toxic chemicals, among them there were military men as well as civilian population.

The next step in the chemical weapons using was done by the Americans. During the severe Vietnam war, they used poison gas very actively, so a plenty of people didn’t have any chance to escape. Since 1963, over Vietnam it was sprayed about 72 million. defoliants liters.


They were used either for the destruction of forests where Vietnamese soldiers were or for settlements bombings.

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