The Most Powerful Military Equipment

Laser weapons

In 2010, Americans said they had successfully tested a laser weapon. According to reports that appeared in the media, near the California coast a laser beam with 32 megawatts of capacity shot down four aircrafts.


The planes were crashed from a distance of more than three kilometers. Earlier, the Americans reported that they had tested laser successfully, destroying the ballistic rocket.

US Defense Agency has noted that the laser weapons will be very popular because it can be used to attack multiple targets at once with the light speed at a distance of several hundred kilometers.

Neutron bomb of Samuel Cohen

Neutron bomb, created by the American scientist Samuel Cohen, destroys only living organisms and causes minimal damage. The shock wave from the neutron bomb is 10-20% of the required energy released, whereas in conventional atomic explosion it is about 50% of the energy.

bomb of Samuel Cohen

Intercontinental ballistic rocket RS-20 “Satana”

ballistic rocket RS-20 Satana

Intercontinental ballistic rockets “Satana” were created in 1970, bringing terror to the probable enemy only by the fact of its existence. SS-18 (model 5), classified as “Satana” was included into the Guinness Record Book as the most powerful intercontinental ballistic rocket. It carries a charge with the capacity of 10,750 kilotons of independent self-guided warheads. There are no any foreign counterparts of “Satana”.