Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ Romance

The second problem was having a child. Eva understood that it was time to have a child and get married but she didn’t take interest in becoming a mom at first.

Eva Mendes

Ryan, however, wanted to become a father and was ready to make a baby. Eva and Ryan went through many relationship troubles and this made the couple stronger.

Their break could lead to a split and many magazines started talking about it, that’s why the couple became the subject of split stories.

However, these rumors were scotched when they have been spotted recently.

Sources have declared that Mendes and Gosling are a very strong duo. They haven’t acted in films and have stayed off the public’s radar purposely because they are expecting a baby.

As Eva said, now she is ready for motherhood and wants to share this experience with her boyfriend. Ryan’s dream is coming true because he adores kids and can’t wait to become a dad. Ironically, the couple acted in the film and played the roles of young parents.

Mendes Gosling


Gosling Mendes

Eva and Ryan are one of the most glamour and beautiful couples in the world. Many fans watch their romance and only wish them to be in love and become happy parents.