Santa’s Reindeer: who are they?

We all know that Santa’s sleigh involves 9 reindeer. But have you ever heard that initially there were 8 of them?

What is the secret? And what are the names of the animals that help their owner so hard when the time to deliver gifts for the kids comes?

Santa's Reindeer

Here is the list:

1. Dasher was born many years ago at the North Pole. And this reindeer received his name because of his hobby – racing. At first his friends didn’t like him for his annoyance.

When Dasher began serving Santa, he became responsible for cleaning the sled. Now Dasher likes to rub the sledges with wax in order to get them shining. He is always very busy.

2. Dancer was also born, like many others, at the North Pole.

And such a name he got because of desire to dance. It was his dream since very childhood. Before serving Santa he used to dance in front of the audience almost every night.

santa's reindeer dancer

Now Dancer occasionally gives concerts for Santa’s elves.

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