Spooky Places Of The Earth

For many of us horror things are just the film attributes or at least the elements of Halloween celebration. However, in the world there are places that attract the lovers of adrenalin and horror stories. For normal people such shows curdle the blood so that the only desire appeared is to run away aimlessly.

However, some adventurers all over the world want to visit as many terrible places as possible.


Mount Washington


Are you afraid of height? – What about Mount Washington summit?

The nature there is really beautiful, but to be on Mount Washington, which is arranged on the north-eastern United States, is really scary. The peak height is only 1917 meters, but for the great part of the visitors its top is almost even more dangerous than the Mount Everest’s one.

Winter Tale of Mount Washington is deadly for casual travelers and photographers.

Poisonous Beauty of Danakil Desert

Danakil Desert

Everybody who has already been there called Danakil desert, which is situared in northern Ethiopia “The Hell on Earth”.

There is almost no breathing oxygen over volcanic wasteland, all people have to breath the hot air, saturated by malodorous gases born by boiling ground and melting stones.

Travel through the desert of Danakil is harmful to health. The heat of 50 degrees Celcius, the risk of stepping on awakening volcano with crimson lava and boiling are not all the troubles. Also you can inhale sulfur vapor and die in tortures. Furthermore, in the Afar region of Ethiopia the aboriginal tribes periodically go on the warpath for water and food. Ten-years-old boys with guns are able to kill you anywhere and anytime.

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