Spooky Places Of The Earth

The Capital of Cannibals’ grandchildren

The main and the largest city of eastern New Guinea is Port Moresby which is now considered to be the most dangerous capital of the world.

The Capital of Cannibals' grandchildren

The people there are called Papuans. And we don’t advice you to meet them anywhere. Why? – Because usually they hide in the woods and kill strangers for food. The explanation of this behavior is rather simple. – It is due to protein deficiency in their traditional everyday diet. Spoiled by Australian generous handouts, The matter’s that Aborigines (the most part of them) don’t want to work, and even if they want, they aren’t able to find any job. So they have only one choice – to join to the gang and to earn money for so desirable things: cheap booze, girls of easy virtue and low-quality drugs. People are killed in Port Moresby 3 times more than in Moscow.

The forest of cultural suicides

Aokigahara… That is the name for an old-growth forest at the very foot of sacred Mount Fuji. But people come there not for mushrooms, not to barbecues.

The forest of cultural suicides

They want to say a big goodbye to their life. It isn’t an accident. – For some time the place of Aokigahara has been chosen by Japanese suicides.