TOP 5 Ideas For Your Wedding

Recently, the so-called themed wedding has been gaining a great popularity. Young couples who wish to break the classical traditions and make their sweet wedding unusual and creative, unlike others, are trying to find the interesting variants for a themed wedding.

 1. Rainbow Wedding

 Rainbow Wedding

Themed wedding in a rainbow style is no doubt perfect for those who cannot determine as to the choice of favorite color combinations. Rainbow wedding will light up your celebration by juicy bright colors and give a lot of joy, fun, laugh and positive emotions.

In addition, the rainbow can become a kind of mascot for the newlyweds. It is not for nothing because there is an old tradition: if you see the rainbow, the happiness will come to your life. Rainbow Wedding is a guarantee that in future the newlyweds will have happy and harmonious relationship.

 2. Sporty wedding

 Sporty wedding

Nowadays sports and healthy lifestyle have been so firmly established in the lives of the most modern people. And sometimes even weddings are organized based on this concept. Sports themed wedding is a choice of active, energetic and motivated couples.

Funny sports contests and competitions might be an indispensable attribute of sports wedding. Extreme notes in the wedding ceremony will give unforgettable thrills. At the very same time the sport wedding should not be too harsh, but elegant and refined.

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