TOP 5 Ideas For Your Wedding

 3. Carnival wedding

 Carnival wedding

The great part of fun memories is usually taken by many people during different carnivals and fairs visited in childhood. Rides, delicious food, laughter, bright colors, music… All these things can indeed be transferred into adulthood by carnival organization. Why not to choose it as a main theme for a wedding ceremony and celebration?

At carnival wedding your dear guests will not be bored. Just imagine the scenario: funny games, lotteries, raffles, fireworks, balloons, cotton candy and popcorn, a variety of cocktails and a magical holiday atmosphere. Make a real holiday!

4. Winter (Christmas) wedding

Wedding on Christmas Eve is a wonderful and unique opportunity to turn your celebration into a real fairy tale, to say goodbye to childhood and start an independent adult life. During this period, most people live in expectation of a miracle, they are in a great mood, so… they have been set up on the terrific atmosphere of your holiday.

Winter (Christmas) wedding

In order to emphasize the Christmas spirit use the compositions made of pine branches, Christmas decorations, snowflakes, pine cones, garlands, streamers, bells. Would you like to treat your guests by something special? – Surprise them by gingerbread cookies, tangerines, oranges. Grog and mulled wine will help warm up after the winter cold.