Top 5 Unnecessary Inventions

1. The horizontal shower

The horizontal shower

The shower provides you all the advantages of lazy washing .

You just lie on a bathtub while strong jets of water hit you.The price of this invention is $ 35,000. It is very difficult to wash with this shower , especially hair. In comparison with this invention, people prefer conventional shower, which permits you to thoroughly wash all body.
2. The Fliz bicycle

The Fliz bicycle

The Fliz bicycle was invented in Germany.

To drive it you only need to buckle up. Such bike has no pedals, no seat. It looks very old-fashioned. Bike was created in the color of yellow, so it can be simply seen on the streets. If people go by this bicycle in the city, they will look ridiculous.

This invention can be called useless, because it is not yet well established. It applies particularly to the design.

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