Twin-Films – Can You Find the Difference?

It’s not  a secret that Hollywood is full of different kinds of cliches. Modern filmmakers have never hesitated to take ideas from each other. From time to time it may be something original, but unfortunately usually not.

Sometimes a cycle of ideas comes to the absurd, and as a result a lot of twin-films are released almost every year. They are so similar that can hardly be distinguished.

Let’s talk about some of them.

“Top Gun” and “Iron Eagle” (1986)

"Top Gun" and "Iron Eagle"

While the main characters, played by Tom Cruise and Jason Gedrick, are shooting down the enemy equipment and struggling with personal problems, the films also converge in an irreconcilable struggle for the lead at the film distribution. That time the winner was “Top Gun,” which benefits reached the level of 356 million dollars.

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