Was Uncle Sam a Real Person?

Uncle Sam is a world-wide well-known character, who is vividly portrayed as a tall elderly man with a funny goatee in the cylinder of the national American flag colors in a dark blue coat and bright striped pants. And did this person really exist? 

Uncle Sam

It turned out that he did exist. A middle-aged man whose full name was Samuel Wilson, a famous American businessman, lived in the 18th century.

Uncle Sam occasionally appeared as the USA personification, during the British-American War of 1812.The historians can’t explain the exact origin of this American symbol.

But there is the most accepted theory about Samuel Wilson (or Uncle Sam), a butcher supplying meat to the special New York military base. Wilson marked barrels with tinned meat by two letters US, referring to their native country of United States, and the soldiers didn’t know the explanation for this abbreviation and told that the delicious food came from someone Uncle Sam.

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