Was Uncle Sam a Real Person?

Nowadays at the place of Wilson’s birth in Arlington (Massachusetts) the tourists can even see a memorial sightseeing. 

The every time popular image of American symbol was especially known during the terrified First World War. After that Uncle was thoroughly depicted on the printed poster, inviting volunteers for joining the heroic American State army and, of course, to take an active part in the terrible war in the great part of Europe. From that poster Uncle Sam sternly pointed his finger just on the reader, under the picture there was a text: “I need you for our U.S. Army”

The artist named James Montgоmery Flagg, who again re-painted the poster in 1917, in his interview informed that he used his own profile and face as a model for Uncle Sam.

The bright idea of this image was simply taken from a similar British recruitment poster (1914), on which in the same pose was strikingly portrayed Lord Horatio Kitchener.

Uncle Sam

 Later the poster with a man was updated and several times reprinted in order to recruit the soldiers for the Second Wоrld War.