The Most Unusual Cafes And Restaurants Of The World

There is countless amount of restaurants in the world . You can choose anything you like from a wide variety of cuisines and styles. Some are famous for special dishes, another – for music or decor. But also there is a number of the funniest ones. Why? Because they are considered to be the most unusual restaurants in the world.

Dinner in the ice

dinner in the ice

In summer, when we have about +30 or even +40 degrees outside, Ice Restaurant in Dubai (UAE) is a real ice miracle, where everything is made of ice, even the tables and serving.

Also it is possible to dine and even to spend a night in the ice house. But for this purpose you should travel at the other end of the world – to Finland and to visit Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant.

Extreme lovers

Those who have never had the enough quantity of unforgettable emotions are invited to Tokyo to visit a special chain of restaurants called Alkatraz. This dinner will impress anyone, because everything is almost like in the real prison. You will be read your rights, your fingerprints will be taken, you will put on a prison uniform and only after that go to the bars for dinner.


However, the menu is markedly different from the prison’s one.

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