Unusual Monuments Of The World

Visiting various cities in the world, first of all we pay attention to the original sightseeings.

Now we are going to talk about some monuments which are considered to be the most interesting ones.

Traffic light tree was set in London, England, in 1999.

Traffic light tree

This masterpiece was created by French sculptor Pierre Vivant.It was only one purpose for this 8-meters high iron wood, consisting of 75 traffic lights. The designers wanted to revitalize and to beautify a bit the boring and unremarkable crossroad.

We should mention that after its appearance there hasn’t been any accidents. The matter is that the drivers lose their head a bit when they notice this miracle traffic controller and as a result reduce speed, passing by slowly, and some even stop to take a photo.

Bureaucratic Themis, established in Copenhagen, Denmark, made by sculptor Jens Galshiot.

Bureaucratic Themis

The sculpture symbolizes the Goddess of Justice growing fat because of bribes and gifts. She is sitting on weak shoulders of exhausted African. In this case African is a symbol of the poor and underdeveloped countries.

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